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Lakozy Motors has been in the vehicle import business for over 3 decades including a period from 1991-2001 as the official import intermediary of Toyota vehicles in India. We pride ourselves as being one of few independent vehicle importers who have not only built itself a solid reputation among its customers for quality of services, but is also a reference point for government agencies like Customs Vigilance Cell & Economic Offence Wing on luxury vehicle imports.


We currently work with exporters of high-end luxury & performance vehicles across the globe to bring in models that are currently not offered in the Indian market. As a one stop shop, we assist you through the entire process from identification of a suitable vehicle, purchase and finally importation. This includes helping to understand, the often arcane, import documentation, custom clearance procedure and registration of your vehicles. In addition, our service facilities will ensure that your vehicles are maintained to give you a trouble-free ownership experience.

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